December 3, 2009

“FIRE!” he shouted, releasing the bowstring again.  “Order the lancers to charge, I will be down there momentarily,” the prince ordered, heading down to the armory.

The thunderous crash of steel and screams of men receded as Prince Edward strode down from the battle mars.  He turned on his heel and came face to face with Princess Zarreen, his betrothed.  Her olive skin seemed to glisten in the torchlight.  He halted and looked at her.  Prince Edward could see resolve behind her brown eyes.

“I know you want me to stay, beloved, but I can not allow this city to be taken,” he said.

Princess Zarreen held his gaze a moment before saying, “I did not come to stop you.”  She brushed past Edward in the direction of the armory.  Over her shoulder she called, “I came to join you.”

“You can’t DO that!” Prince Edward said, striding after her as quickly as he could.  Her long, dark hair swung like a pendulum before him.  As tiny a woman as she was, she was as fast as lightning and just as hard to catch.  He knew her very well, they had grown up together from childhood.  She was stubborn beyond belief when she had made up her mind about something.  Stopping her from joining him on the battlefront was not going to be easy – but it would be necessary.  He needed every ounce of concentration to fight.  His concern about her safety would be a distraction he could not afford.


The Battle Begins

December 1, 2009

Prince Edward stood on the tower looking out. “Ready, men.  The enemy will be here soon,” he said.

He held his bow at the ready.  His arms were tired, but the thought of what he was guarding gave him a surge of new energy.  The King was depending on him, and he would lead the men to victory in spite of the odds.  He said a silent prayer as the armies of the evil ones came into range.

He released the arrow with a twang! and prepared for the next shot.  “Ready the lancers! Strike when they come within 200 cubits,” he ordered.  Ordinarily, he wouldn’t have dreamed of battling so close to the walls, but this was no ordinary battle.

As the enemy drew near, the men guarding the walls could see their black armor.  Their blood red banners streamed above them like bouts of flame.  The armies of the Imperial Legion were as numerous as the stars in the sky.  Like a wall of darkness, the masses of flesh and metal ground towards the walls like an unending tide of darkness.